About Faculty of Law
Universitas Gadjah Mada

About FH UGM


A world-class Faculty of Law that is competitive, innovative, serves the interests of the nation and humanity that is inspired by the nation's cultural values based on Pancasila.


To organize an excellent law education with international standard and continuous development of legal studies

Conducting legal research that is beneficial to the public.

To organize public service in order to increase knowledge and awareness of law

Cooperating with national and international institutions.


To make the Faculty of Law UGM the best law higher education of law in Indonesia with an international reputations through:

High quality higher education in law in order to produce excellent and competent graduates who are able to answer the global issues, as well as to nurture professionals and reliable juries in their respective fields.

Product of legal research that becomes the nation's reference with local excellence to actualize a law body in Indonesia that responsive of public needs in order to bring a fair and distributed public welfare.

Community service that is able to encourage public dependency and continuously raising awareness of law as a perquisite of democratic nation.

Management of the faculty of law that integrated, transparent and accountable in order to support the effectiveness and efficiency of resources. Strategic, synergistic, and sustainable collaboration with alumni and partners.


Apparent study activities that research-based

Achieving world-class faculty and increasing international reputation in the fields of education, research and community service.

Strength as a role in solving the nation's matters with peoples approach and Indonesian social-culture, as well as elevating local excellence to the international level

The creation of campus environment that safe, discipline, and comfortable.