Partnership & Development Unit

Partnership & Development Unit (PDU) manages partnership affairs of Faculty of Law UGM with national and international external institutions.

Head of Unit

Andhika Putra, S.H., LL.M.

Sekretaris I : Royhan Akbar, S.H., LL.M

Sekretaris II: Florencia Irena Gunawan

Address & Contact Info

Gedung 4 Lantai 2 Fakultas Hukum Universitas Gadjah Mada Jl. Sosio Yustisia No. 1, Bulaksumur, Sleman, D.I. Yogyakarta 55281



Kami mengundang calon mitra, kolaborator, atau mahasiswa,untuk mengeksplorasi kemungkinan bekerja sama dengan kami dan menjadi bagian dari keluarga Fakultas Hukum UGM.


Those students who wish to apply for student exchange program are required to submit these following application materials:

  1. Guarantor for Financial Support
  2. Personal Statement
  3. Curriculum Vitae (document available on admission system)
  4. Scanned copy of passport. The passport must be valid for at least 24 months.
  5. Scanned copy of passport cover
  6. Recommendation letter/nomination letter from home institution
  7. Copy of academic records and diplomas
  8. Copy of language certificate (one of the following)
    TOEFL: 550 (paper-based);
    IELTS: no less than 5.5;
    iBT: minimum 70
  9. Good health statement from applicant’s doctor
  10. 4 passport size photographs


All of those application documents shall be sent to UGM Admissions to be processed which will be done in around one month. Following are the compulsory documents that you will obtain after your application have passed the selection process:

  1. Approval letter from Faculty
  2. Study Permit
  3. Visa Authorization


Types of Visa

  1. Visa on Arrival (VoA)
    If your country is listed as one that grants visas on arrival, you can apply for one shortly after you arrive in Indonesia. This visa allows you to stay within the country for 30 days and may be extended in person at the local immigration office for 1 (one) further 30-day stays.

  2. Visit Visa (VKSB)
    You can apply for a Visit Visa to the Indonesian Embassy or Consulates in your country, or the guarantor (OIA UGM) could apply to Indonesian Immigration Office in Jakarta. This visa allows you to stay within the country up to 60 days and may be extended up to 4 (four) times which add another 30-day stays for each extension.

    There are two types of this visa that you can apply for according to your purpose and how frequent will you come in, which are:

    • Single Entry
    • Multiple Entry

  3. Limited Stay Permit (ITAS)
    This type of visa is suitable for international students or scholars who wish to come to Indonesia for a longer period of stay. The students are suggested to apply for VITAS, which will be converted to Limited Stay Permit (ITAS) once you arrive in Indonesia. International students who wish to study in UGM will need VITAS 316 for study purpose. The ITAS can also be extended, suggestively one month before the expiry date.

    Additionally, ITAS holders are required to apply for EPO (Exit Only Permit) before leaving Indonesia which will inactivate your ITAS. You need to apply for EPO by yourself at the Immigration Office where you are registered to be processed prior to your departure date.

Dokumen yang diperlukan untuk pengajuan student exchange:

  1. Surat rekomendasi dari Dekan atau Wakil Dekan Fakultas Hukum UGM.
  2. Formulir Pendaftaran yang telah diisi (jika ada)
  3. Bagi program student exchange Surat keterangan sebagai mahasiswa dan masih aktif kuliah dalam bahasa Inggris (certificate of Enrollment)
  4. Pas foto berwarna latar belakang putih, ukuran 4 x 6 cm (jika ada)
  5. CV terbaru/Daftar Riwayat Hidup
  6. Transkrip nilai yang terakhir
  7. Surat rekomendasi dari Fakultas
  8. Surat penerimaan (LoA- Letter of Acceptance) dari host (program degree)
  9. Sertifikat kesehatan (surat bukti sehat dari dokter)
  10. Sertifikat kemampuan berbahasa asing (disesuaikan negara tujuan) dan/atau Bahasa Inggris (iBT/IELTS Score)
  11. Confirmation Letter of Participation
  12. Persyaratan lain menyesuaikan informasi penawaran yang ada






UGM Residence


UGM provides dormitories as one of the accommodation options for international students. UGM Residences (UGM Housing/Dormitory) are divided for male and female students. There are 8 units located around campus and could accommodate 2000 students in total. All of the dormitories are located within 5-10 minutes walking distance. Facilities for every unit are different, with different rates as well.

Flat (Kost)


Kost is a term used for room renting in Indonesia. There are a lot of types of kost, depending on the sex type of the people renting and the price range. Usually, the kost is divided into male and female kost. However, nowadays there are a lot of kosts that have male and female mixed in their building. Although kost is cheaper than the other type of accommodation, there is also a premium or exclusive kost that is convenient like apartments or hotels. Below is the list of kost that could be referred to by international students. We listed the following kost based on the convenience and their facilities.



a. Online Transportation
In Yogyakarta, there are numerous options of online transportation that are available to be chosen. One click away in google store or app store and you are ready to travel around Yogyakarta anytime! We recommend Gojek and Grab. This method of transportation is the most suitable for students as they are known for their cheap prices.
Price: Rp2.000,00/km.

b. Bus (Transjogja)
Have time to spare? Transjogja would be an amazing option for you to enjoy every bit of Yogyakarta. These buses roams around Yogyakarta with tons of stations that will bring you to any part of the beautiful city. No need to worry, you can check your routes and schedule through online maps on your phone (e.g google maps or waze).
Price: Rp3.600,00/tap

c. Motorbike Rental
For long-stay student, motorbike rental would be a convenience option for you. However, please make sure you have your international driving license ready and you are good to go. Available options could be found in mostly Instagram and do not forget to check the review to avoid scam.
Price: Rp1.100.000,00/month for motorbike




Food and Grocery Expenses

Rp600.000 – 1.500.000

Accomodation Cost

Rp500.000 – Rp4.000.000

Transporation Cost

Rp105.000 – 1.100.000

Utility Cost (wifi)

Rp100.000 – Rp250.000



*depending on the method that is chosen, the prices fluctuates.





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