A. Jurnal Departemen

Jurnal Viva Justicia : Journal of private law

Welcome to the official website of Viva Justicia: Journal of Private Law, where we aspire to contribute to the dialectics of theory and philosophy private law. With the spirit of further proliferation of knowledge on the legal system in Indonesia to the wider communities, this website provides journal articles for free download. Our academic journal is a source of reference for both academics and practitioners.

Viva Justicia: Journal of Private Law is a double-blind review academic journal for Legal Studies published by Private Law Department Faculty of Law, Universitas Gadjah Mada. Viva Justicia: Journal of Private Law focuses on the private of Law. This journal is periodically published twice a year (March and July).

Viva Justicia: Journal of Private Law is published by Faculty of Law Universitas Gadjah Mada

Jurnal SEAJ Al-Gov : South East Asian

South-East Asian Journal of Advanced Law and Governance (SEAJ AL-Gov) is an academic journal that focuses on conceptual and research articles in both normative and empirical approaches with emphasis on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary fields of law that combine legal with non-legal aspects in analysis. We invite work that considers Law and Governance Issues and any other relevant topics which discuss problems and/or provide lessons learnt from one or more countries in the Southeast Asia region. This journal is periodically published twice a year in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. (NB. submission article in English is preferred and will be prioritised).

SEAJ ALGov is published by Administrative Law Department and other related public law departments of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Gadjah Mada.

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Jurnal Pro-Natura

Pro Natura adalah jurnal akademik double-blind review untuk studi Hukum Lingkungan dan Tata Kelola Lingkungan yang diterbitkan oleh Departemen Hukum Lingkungan, Fakultas Hukum, Universitas Gadjah Mada. Pro Natura menerima naskah yang berkualitas, original, dan ditulis sesuai ketentuan pada fokus topik mengenai Hukum Lingkungan dan Tata Kelola Lingkungan. Jurnal ini diterbitkan secara berkala, dua kali dalam setahun (Juni dan Desember). Pro Natura menerbitkan Artikel mengenai Hukum Lingkungan dan Tata Kelola Lingkungan di Indonesia.

B. Jurnal Mahasiswa

Juris Gentium Law Review

Juris Gentium Law Review (JGLR) is a journal under CIMC. JGRL strives to contribute to Indonesian students by encouraging law students everywhere to apply their writing and analytical skills. With each volume, JGRL aims to maintain high quality articles and expects from all contributors, whether as writers or as part of the Editorial Board, creativity, discipline, and legal instinct to bear the rigor of the publication process. JGRL has the scope of discussion of Public International Law, Private International Law, and Comparative Law. In 2012, it was noted as the year in which JGRL published the first volume of the journal to the public. To date, JGRL has managed to publish eight (8) volumes for approximately nine (9) years of management.

Asian Legal Reform Journal


This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


Asian Legal Reform Journal is published by Asian Law Students’ Association Local Chapter Universitas Gadjah Mada.

Legal Review of Palapa Justicia

Legal Review of Palapa Justicia (Leviopus) merupakan suatu jurnal penulisan hukum yang memuat berbagai isu hukum yang relevan dengan permasalahan konkret masyarakat luas.  Leviopus dikelola langsung oleh Forum Penelitian dan Penulisan PALAPA Fakultas Hukum Universitas Gadjah Mada (FPPH Palapa) sejak tahun 2017. Mulai tahun 2022, publikasi jurnal Leviopus dilakukan sebanyak 2 (dua) kali dalam setahun yaitu pada bulan Agustus dan Desember dalam bentuk elektronik.

C. Jurnal Lainnya

Jurnal Mimbar Hukum

Jurnal Mimbar Hukum is an academic journal for the study of law published by URP Faculty of Law UGM. Jurnal Mimbar Hukum contains several studies and reviews on selected disciplines in several branches of legal studies (Sociology of Law, History of Law, Comparative Law, and others). In addition, Jurnal Mimbar Hukum also includes the study of law in a broader sense. This journal is published regularly and manuscripts that are approved and ready to be published will also be published regularly on the website of Jurnal Mimbar Hukum. The scope of discussion in this journal includes Civil Law, Criminal Law, Civil Procedural Law, Criminal Procedural Law, Commercial Law, State Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, International Law, Agrarian Law, and Environmental Law. To date, Jurnal Mimbar Hukum has published thirty three (33) volumes.

JILI : Journal of Interdisciplinary Law and Legal Issues

Journal of Interdisciplinary Law and Legal Issues (JILI) is a legal journal created by the Master of Law study program, Faculty of Law, Gadjah Mada University which is inclusive in attracting legal scientific writings, both from students, academics, and the public. JILI focuses on articles that are conceptual in nature and based on research results in a normative and empirical approach with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary legal fields.

ALSA Law Journal

ALSA LC UGM Law Journal is a double-blind peer-reviewed legal journal that is managed, edited, and published entirely by students of the Faculty of Law UGM. ALSA LC UGM Law Journal aims to publish student papers once a year with the aim of overcoming substantive legal problems that arise in the current era of globalization. Through ALSA LC UGM Law Journal, students of the Faculty of Law UGM will be able to further develop the knowledge and skills needed to create significant changes to society.

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