Hibah Penelitian Kompetitif-Kolaborasi


This research grant is provided to facilitate the lecturer of the Faculty of Law UGM to do collaborative research with other institutions such as government institutions, NGOs, companies, or academic communities from other universities. This research is done based on their expertise in the implementation of the Three Principles of Higher Education. This action is also expected to motivate the lecturer in disseminating their research results at the conference and publishing them in international or national journals. Research proposals can be submitted by the lecturer teams with a minimum of 2 members. Very recommended to do interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary research that involves non-legal expertise. The proposal will be selected by the board or reviewer (blind review), and the research process will be funded by this grant. The researcher is acquired to attend the activities that are held in order for the quality check of the manuscript as the research output to be published in international or national journals.

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