Research Grants for National Journal


Research Grant for National Journal (HPJN) is provided to facilitate the lecturer of the Faculty of Law UGM to do research based on their expertise as one of the implementations of the Three Principles of Higher Education. This grant is mandatory for the lecturers of the Faculty of Law UGM that have fulfilled the requirements, except for those who have accessed the other research grant that has been provided by URP Faculty of Law UGM.
This action is expected to motivate the lecturers to publish their research results in a national journal. The research proposal can be submitted individually or in a group that consists of 3 members maximum. The proposal will be graded through the peer review process, and researchers are acquired to attend the writing workshop and workshop peer review (WPR) to check published manuscripts in the national journal with a minimal level of Sinta 3.

1. Proposal > Download
2. CV > Download
3. Researcher List > Download

Once filled in, the document will be re-uploaded on the submission form

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