Kalender Akademik

Graduate Program
Master of Law


Kalender Akademik

Study Plan Registration14 – 17 Agustus 2023
Lectures21 Agustus – 17 November 2023
Minggu Tenang20 – 24 November 2023
Ujian Akhir Semester27 November – 7 Desember 2023

Course Schedule

Silahkan klik pada link berikut di bawah ini untuk melihat jadwal kuliah di Magister Ilmu Hukum. Sebagai informasi bahwa jadwal ini dapat sewaktu-waktu berubah, silahkan hubungi sekretariat untuk jadwal terbaru. 

Jadwal Kuliah Semester Gasal Tahun Ajaran 2023/2024 
Jadwal Kuliah Semester genap Tahun Ajaran 2023/2024

Evaluasi Perkuliahan

Dalam mengevaluasi perkuliahan program studi Magister Ilmu Hukum menerapkan beberapa cara diantaranya adalah evaluasi perkuliahan yang di lakukan melalui sistem akademik yaitu simaster yang biasanya dilaksanakan satu semester sekali yaitu dengan mengisi menu EDOM di simaster. Selain itu, program studi juga melakukan evaluasi dengan mengundang para mahasiswa atau sering disebut “Hearing”.

Untuk mengetahui hasil evaluasi perkuliahan pada semester gasal 2022/2023 serta evaluasi tengah semester genap 2022/2023 dapat dilihat silahkan klik disini

Ijin Perkuliahan

In a event that a student cannot join a class(s) for certain reasons, s/he shall submit “Attendance Exemption Request Form” together with the supporting documents and submit them via this online form

If a student is ill, the supporting documents are;

  • Certificate of Illness from doctor
  • Prescription from doctor
  • Invoice

If a student is having a duty from Government, University or Faculty , the supporting documents are;

  • Letter of Duty/Surat tugas
  • Picture of the event

If a student is losing a family member , the supporting documents are;

  • Letter of Death
  • Family Card

If a student is having other reasons, s/he may submit the necessary  supporting documents. The more complete of the supporting documents, the easier of the Study Program to examine student’s request.

Aturan Akademik

All students shall obey the General Academic Rules of FH UGM as follows:

  1. All students shall fulfill all assignments and attend a minimum of 75% from the total meetings in class. Failure to do so may result in exclusion from Final Examination, which may result in suspension or damage to the final grade, probation, suspension or dismissal.
  2. In the event where a lecturer becomes aware that a student has been absent without a valid excuse for more than the Applicable Absence Limitation, such lecturer shall notify the secretariat. The Management, in light of all applicable circumstances and upon consultation with the reporting lecturer, shall decide upon any or all of the following:
    • Exclusion of the student from the course;
    • Bestowal of grade E for that student for that course.
  3. Each lecturer is entitled to excuse the absence of a student upon a valid reason. The Vice Dean of Academic and Student Affairs may decide that, on account of extraordinary circumstances affecting an extended period of time, a student be excused for a specified period of time from the meetings of the courses he or she is taking.
  4. Each student must commit to the meetings and examinations of all courses in which he or she is registered in the Study Plan (KRS).
  5. Forging the signature of another student or a Faculty member or staff for attendance in class or any other purpose is prohibited and considered a criminal offense under the Indonesian Penal Code. A student who has been identified as intentionally having forged a signature of another person for attendance in class may be terminated from enrollment in that particular course.
  6. Only students who are appropriately dressed may be admitted into class or any academic activity at the Faculty.
  7. Sleeveless tops, T-shirts, short pants, slippers, and any transparent, ripped or revealing piece of clothing are strictly prohibited in class. A lecturer has full prerogative to banish a student from class if such student has been found not to adhere to the appropriate clothing standard.
  8. Students who are late for more than 15 minutes shall not be admitted into class for any reason.
  9. Smoking is prohibited in all designated areas at campus, and eating in class is prohibited.
  10. Mobile phones are generally prohibited in class and during examination.
  11. No student shall record the proceedings of a class meeting without the express consent from the lecturer in charge.
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