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LLM Program


In order to assist students in their thesis writing, particularly with regards to the substance of the writing, a thesis supervisor will be assigned individually for each student, taking into account the lecturer’s competence on the thesis topic. Thesis supervisor will be selected by the Head of Study Program from permanent lecturers at the Faculty of Law Universitas Gadjah Mada. Students who wish to undertake thesis writing in a semester must first ensure that they must input Thesis in their Study Plan for the related semester, and has passed or currently taking Research Methodology in the same semester s/he wishes to write a thesis. As regards the submission of thesis topic, students must follow the following procedures:

  1. Before applying for Thesis writing, a student shall meet the following requirements;
    • A student shall take courses of “Research Proposal Seminar” and “Thesis” in his/her KRS. 
    • Minimum GPA 3.00
    • Has completed or is undertaking a course of “Methodology of Legal Research and Legal Writing”  
    • Has completed five concentration  courses under his or her cluster. 
  2. If eligible, a student shall submit application form together with Study Plan (KRS) and Transcript via email to cc ke,, dan
  3. Having submitted thesis topics, Study Program will invite the student to determine the proposed thesis topics. After the topic has been determined, the student shall apply Proposal via simaster under menu “Tugas Akhir“.
  4. After this the Study Program will make coordination with the Head of Departments to appoint a thesis supervisor that has expertise with the topic; The chosen topic is based on the research focus and strategy developed by the Program
  5. Having been appointed a thesis supervisor, the student see his/her thesis supervisor and deliver his/her intention to write a thesis under the supervision of the lecturer. At this stage, the supervisor is authorized to adjust the proposed topic, if necessary;
  6. Having been approved a thesis topic by his/her assigned supervisor, the students shall complete the Master Thesis Consultation Record ;

Meanwhile, thesis supervision is conducted in accordance with the following rules and procedures:

  1. Thesis supervision will commence as soon as a student submits his/her Research Proposal. The student should consult his/her assigned supervisors when writing such proposal;
  2. Within two months, with an allowable delay of one month, after approval of thesis topic, the student should have obtained approval of Research Proposal by his/her assigned supervisor;
  3. Having been approved by the supervisor for his/her research proposal, the student may apply for a seminar by submitting three printed copies of research proposal with red color paper for their cover to the academic secretariat. In addition, the students shall complete the online application form with following supporting documents;
  4. Having pass and completed the Research Proposal Seminar, the student is obliged to submit Validation Sheet as a requirement to issue the grade.
  5. Next the student continues  his/her research and thesis writing;
  6. Thesis supervision is conducted in accordance with the manner agreed by the student and his/her supervisor, considering norms and ethics that are generally accepted;
  7. Within six months, and an allowable delay of two months, after the approval of Research Proposal, the student shall have been prepared with a draft thesis and defense;
  8. The student is allowed to receive advice and supervision from his/her assigned supervisor only if they have input a course of “Thesis” in his/her Study Plan (KRS).

When a thesis writing and supervision is completed, the student shall apply for thesis defense, in accordance with the following rules and procedures:

  1. Before applying a thesis defense a student shall submit a draft of thesis for similarities checking at turnitin with no more than 20% similarities found at turnitin via this link:;
  2. having passed the turnitin similarities, a student is allowed to apply thesis defense by submitting these following documents to secretariat;
    • Three printed copies of thesis draft with red color paper for their covers.
    • Three printed copies of publication manuscript with red color paper for their covers.
  3. In addition to that, a student shall complete the online application form with these following supporting documents;
  4. Thesis defense is held by a panel of examiners, comprising of one lecturer being the Chief Examiner, and two lecturers as Member Examiners;
  5. Prior to defense, students must prepare a presentation (preferably, MS Powerpoint slides), and dress with proper attire.
  6. Having pass and completed the Thesis defense, the student shall submit “Thesis Revision Form” to Academic secretariat as a requirement to issue the final grade.
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