Program Studi Sarjana
S1 Internasional

The International Undergraduate Program (IUP) is the Faculty’s commitment in producing competent legal professionals who are well equipped to engage in a globalized, liberalized, and interconnected world. The IUP curriculum has been specifically tailored to not only a comprehensive understanding of the legal theories, but also an array of skill-related expertise necessary for both legal practitioners and scholars. Apart from classes led by highly qualified resident lecturers, you will also enjoy frequent visits from professors and dignitaries from within and outside Indonesia, who will share their comparative legal perspectives to help you gain a full circle in your understanding of law. Additionally, you will join a family of well-accomplished students who have made their names in competitions and conferences around the world.


S1 IUP FH UGM aims at becoming an undergraduate program with an international orientation, the spirit of competitiveness, and is inspired by the five-point ideology of the Indonesian nation, the Pancasila.

  1. Conducting a higher education of law at the undergraduate level with an international standard;
  2. Producing experts of law with strong moral code, global insight, and the capability to compete at the international level for the benefit of the nation;
  3. Imparting knowledge, skills, and the culture of critical and analytical thinking necessary for the students to understand and apply legal norms and regulations; and
  4. Working together with stakeholders inside and outside Indonesia to deliver legal education as well as contribute to the development and enforcement of the law.


  • Understand,internalize and implement religious and Pancasila values, and to uphold ethical responsibilities of the legal profession as well as to carry themselves with integrity in society


  • Mastery of principles, theories, doctrines, and legal norms both nationally and internationally with a mono-disciplinary legal research approach
  • Ability to grasp and comprehend contemporary legal issues both national and international in scope

Specific Skills

  • Ability to responsibly and comprehensively apply and implement legal knowledge based on justice through research and analysis to solve current and developing legal issues both national and international in scope
  • Ability to utilize their legal knowledge to conduct mono-disciplinary legal research to draft legal documents by upholding ethics of the legal profession

Generic Skills

  • Ability to apply logical, critical, systematic, and innovative thinking in the context of developing or implementing science and technology that considers and applies legal knowledge relevant to their field
  • Ability to exercise good decision making in the context of solving legal problems based on information and data analysis
  • Ability to adapt, cooperate, create, contribute and innovate in applying their knowledge in their civic duties as well as to play a role as a global citizen

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Program Studi Sarjana
S1 Internasional

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Program Studi Sarjana
S1 Internasional

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