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Before the commence of a new semester each student must choose the courses they want to take by filling out a Study Plan (Kartu Rencana Studi/KRS) on the Portal Akademik Mahasiswa dan Dosen (Simaster), which is the central academic online system at simaster. Each student can log onto the Portal using their Student Registration Number (Nomor Induk Mahasiswa/NIM). The amount of credits a student may take in each semester (with the exception of the first semester) depends on their Grade Point Average (Indeks Prestasi Kumulatif/GPA/IPK) obtained in the previous semester, as formulated below:

GPA ≥ 3.00       : maximum 24 credits;
GPA 2.50-2.99 : maximum 21 credits;
GPA 2.00-2.49 : maximum 18 credits;
GPA 1.50-1.99  : maximum 15 credits; and
GPA ≤ 1.49        : maximum 12 credits.

To see the courses in semester 1 please click this link and to see the courses in semester 2 please click this link


Although it is not strongly recommended by the study program, it is still available to modify your study plan (KRS) during “the period for modification of the study plan” by filling and submitting the Study Plan Modification Request Form at the Academic Office under certain circumstances such as; 1) Academic system in Simaster is error. 2) you are assigned by University/State in a remote area that cannot do the online KRS and/or certain circumstances which is accepted by the study program. For your information that study program will be difficult to grant your study plan modification request if it is under your negligence towards academic rules applied in the faculty.

Please note that you shall check your online Study Plan at Academic system (simaster) frequently after you submit the modification form. If within a week you find that you are not registered in a class(es) you requested, please contact the academic office.

A student cannot modify the study plan (KRS) if it has been exceeded of what the-called “the period for modification of the study plan”. It is maximum two weeks after the last day of the KRS period.

Hence, if later on the student has not been participating the chosen course(s), s/he cannot request the annulment of the course(s); s/he will be graded based on her/his performance. Therefore, it is possible that s/he may obtain “E” because of his idle performance.

To make Study Plan Modification please complete this Study Plan Modification Form

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