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Policy on International Exposures

In order to be eligible for graduation from the LLM Program at Faculty of Law UGM, all LLM Program students must have completed an activity which has legitimate international character. These activities—grouped under the general term International Exposure—are to ensure that all students gain international experience, not only through the usage of English as the language of instruction in all academic activities, but also through active involvement in extra-curricular activities of an international character. International exposure is designed for achieving the high standard of learning process in an international environment. The 3-credit international exposure module is compulsory but shall be arranged by the students themselves according to the activities of their choosing. Unless awarded with a scholarship, all expenses involved in the undertaking of international exposure shall be borne by the students and apart from the tuition fee.

For the purposes of this Academic Handbook, “International Exposure” shall be understood as the participation of students in an academic activity, in the field of law or a related field that fulfills at least one of the following criteria:

  1. The crossing of international borders; and/or
  2. Recognition of an international character;

The crossing of international borders refers to academic activities which are conducted outside the jurisdiction of the Republic of Indonesia. Nevertheless, this does not mean International Exposure can only be gained through activities overseas, as there are many events—such as conferences, seminars, and symposia—which, even though held in Indonesia, possess recognition of an international character. This means, students are not required to travel abroad in order to fulfill their International Exposure.

Students may choose from the activities below to complete 3 credits of compulsory international exposure:

  1. Study Exchange Program/International Workshop (3 credits)
  2. Paper Presentation in an International Conference (2 credits)
  3. Paper Presentation in an International Conference held in Indonesia (1 credit)
  4. Proceeding of International Conference (1 credit)
  5. Attendance (3 times) in an International Conference (1 credit)
  6. Publication in an Indexed International Publication (3 credits)
  7. Participation in a Course/Summer Course/International Workshop as Participant/Committee (1 credit/week)
  8. Participation in a Guest Lecture (1 credit/5 attendance supported with report)
  9. Internship (2 credits/month)
  10. Involvement in a Research Collaboration (1 credit/1 thematic Research)
  11. Participation in an International Elective Course (2 credits/semester)
  12. Participation in an International Competition (2 credits/competition)
  13. Participation in a Double Degree Program (3 credits)

When students plan to embark on an activity to fulfill International Exposure, students must seek approval of their departure, otherwise LLM Program may not acknowledge their activity as international exposure. This is because not all academic activities having an international character qualify as International Exposure in LLM Program. The LLM Program will assess whether the proposed activity sufficiently qualifies as International Exposure and will officially inform you of its decision. If a proposed activity is deemed insufficient, the proposal will be rejected, and you need to re-submit a completed International Exposure form proposing a different activity. The deadlines for the submission of this form varies per activity, but we strongly encourage that you submit it as soon as possible, in order to spare ample time, especially if Immigration affairs (e.g. visa, permit, etc.) are involved.

Procedure to get permission from LLM Program:

Students send a proposal of International Exposure Activity via email to  and cc to and consist of:

  1. Completed proposal form ;
  2. other required documents, such as:;
  • Event/journal description, brochure, schedule;
  • Letter of Acceptance/Invitation; and/or
  • Paper Summary (three pages max. excl. Bibliography).

LLM Program will assess whether the proposed activity sufficiently qualifies as International Exposure; and will assess the number of credits of the proposed activity.

LLM Programs will officially inform its decision (Approval or Rejection)

After a proposal is approved by LLM Program along with number of credits information, students carry out the activity and oblige to make a report. Every student who has fulfilled 3 credits of International exposure must present their report before appointed examiners.

Before a student make a presentation s/he shall send this following documents via email to  and cc to and 

  1. Report about the activity;
  2. Certificate;
  3. Supporting documents such as paper, materials, invitation letter, etc; and
  4. Some pictures of the activity.

Please note that a student shall compile those documents above into one file for one activity in pdf format.

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