Admission Procedure

  1. Contact program study to identify the specific terms or additional requirements needed for selection. The contact of program study can be seen here.
  2. Creating an account through online registration website, click here.
  3. Register online here.
    • Applicants must prepare all the required documents. Late submitted documents after the registration will not be processed.
    • Applicants must scanned documents below (the minimum size is 150KB and maximum size is 800 KB each file, scan of documents should be clearly seen and colored), then upload all documents through online registration.




      a. The latest colored photograph, formal dress and pose (taken looking straight forward to camera) with blue background *.jpg
      b. The latest legal diploma certificate *.pdf
      c. The latest legal transcript (all pages) *.pdf
      d. Accreditation certificate of study program from the latest degree *.pdf
      e. A valid Certificate of Academic Potential Test, validity is only for 2 years after the score issued.

      1. Academic Potential Test or Tes Potensi Akademik (TPA) BAPPENAS
      2. Postgraduate Academic Potential Test or Tes Potensi Akdemik Pascasarjana (PAPs) UGM
      3. Basic Academic Ability  Test by Association of Indonesian Psychological or Tes Kemampuan Potensi Akademic Himpunan Psikologi Indonesia (TKPA HIMPSI)
      f. A valid Certificate of English Proficiency Test, validity is only for 2 years after the score issued. A valid certificate of English Proficiency Test is issued by :

      1. Academic English Proficiency Test (AcEPT) from UGM,
      2. International English Testing System (IELTS) under IDP institutions,
      3. Internet-Based (iBT) TOEFL under IIEF institutions,
      4. Test of English Proficiency (TOEP) from Pusat Layanan Tes Indonesia (PLTI) recognized by DIKTI for lecturer certification.
      g. Health certificate from doctor at hospital or a clinic *pdf
      h. Specific requirements :

      Postgraduate applicants :

      • Applicants projection in following the postgraduate program at UGM containing reason, expectation, plan of resea rch topic , and plans after graduated (the form can be downloaded here).
      • Research proposal/ write an essay/ other specific requirement by the department or the study program is directly send to study program (no need to be uploaded) and please submit together with copy of registration form.

      Doctoral applicants : Draft proposal dissertation (draft dissertation does not need to be uploaded but directly send to study program and please submit together with copy of registration form.

      i. Study permit from institution where applicants work (form can be downloaded here). *pdf
  4. Letter of recommendation from 2 (two) lecturers from previous program study, preferably Academic Advisors or Office Supervisor. The website link for online submission will be given by UM UGM Committee directly to Academic Advisors or Office Supervisor through email.  Please make sure that the email address of the referee is an active email address.
  5. Pay non refundable application fee via Multi-Payment System of Bank Mandiri, BNI, BRI, BTN, BPD DIY, CIMB NIAGA or Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM) as described here.
  6. Print the registration form that used to registrate for  applicants who accepted as postgraduate student.
  7. If you can not print the application form or your online application fail, please contact us at:Phone & Fax: +62 274 541586, +62 274 512781
    Hotline: +62 81227649600 (sms/call)