Student Organizations


Dewan Mahasiswa Justicia

Dewan Mahasiswa Justicia or Justicia Student Council (DEMA Justicia) is a student body exercising executive and legislative functions as the Faculty’s student body. Founded in August 2011, it was the incarnation of the Student Executive Body (BEM) and the Student Senate (SM) which were disbanded in 1999-2000.

DEMA Justicia seeks to create unity and fraternity between students of the Faculty and society; to inquire, incorporate, develop and utilize legal sciences towards answering social needs and changes; fostering a more mature character and education within the Faculty. It also aims to become the focal point of student and community aspirations, coordination with the faculty, and a center for learning and development.



Majestic -55 (M-55) is the Faculty’s indigenous Nature Lover Society, founded on 5 May 1979. Combining the term Majestic and “55” from its founding date, the organization seeks to become the focal point for nature related creativity and activity. Active in nature conservation and public service, Majestic aims to foster a connection between human being sand their works, with nature; nurture creative ideas related to the natural world; support conservation efforts, public service and other youth development activities.


Apakah Art Society

Apakah was founded in 22 August 2002, as a merger from the Apakah Thespian Society (founded in 1997) and the Justicia Music Community (founded in 2000). The art society aims to become the center of student activities, based on plurality, non-violence, a free artistic spirit and social vision (with a focus of combating victims of social systems). Apakah in essence aims to voice social realities within the Faculty, through art.


Mahkamah Student Press and Publication Body

Mahkamah is the only student press body at the Faculty. Awareness of the importance of a student press body led to its creation on 11 November 1989. Active within the Faculty and student body, Mahkamah aims to develop an intellectual tradition among Faculty students through reading, discussion and writing.

Mahkamah will never stop its quest, even while change need not require many.


Faculty of Law Muslim Association

The Muslim Association (KMFH) was borne out of concern for the want of Islamic da’wah (broadcast) in UGM and the Faculty. The association oversees all da’wah at the faculty, including spiritual activities of lecturers and staff. An inclusive organization open to all Muslims, the association is peaceful and based on fraternity. In line with its vision to embed Islamic values within the Faculty, the association seeks to increase the quality of faith, ukhuwah Islamiyah, and increase the quality of intellectual and spiritual resources


The Catholic Student Association

The association (KMK) seeks to be a second home for Catholic students at the Faculty. Overseeing all students and staff at the Faculty, the association oversees catholic spiritual activities. Based on the role of a church as a service provider to its congregation, the association places fraternity as its main pillar.


The Christian (Protestant) Student Union

The union is one of the spiritual student bodies at the Faculty. Our motto is “Strong Faith, Deep Knowledge, Broad Service”. The union seeks to paints its own unique color in serving God, acting as a forum to learn about spiritual values, to grow, learn, laugh, and cry together. Character development is emphasized, to become a law graduate with strong principles and ideals based on Almighty God and the Christian Spirit.


Asian Law Student Association

The learning of legal science, personal development, and harmonic cooperation must be carried out nationally, regionally and internationally. ALSA was created to answer those needs, and connect students at the Faculty with other law students around Asia.